B. B. James
Hi and welcome! I'm B. B. James (but call me Bev), and I'm delighted to introduce you to the first of a planned series of contemporary romantic suspense novels titled Room Service.

I am a mother, grandmother, book lover, cat lover and avid creator. I enjoy stories that are fast-paced and have a bit of frisson to them, and I hope that comes out in my writing. I'm also a fan of thrillers by such masters as Stephen King, James Patterson and so on.

I like to take inspiration from all areas of my life and have a vivid imagination. Although I have a medical background, I have always maintained my flair and passion for the beautiful things in life and enjoy painting and gardening in my spare time. I also love the great outdoors, and my home in a beautiful Devon seaside town is surrounded by stunning coastal walks and picturesque places that are continuing sources of inspiration.

I hope you enjoy the Room Service series, and would love to read your reviews on Amazon.

Thank you so much for visiting.
Happy reading and hugs
Bev x